no pain, no gain

i've been getting a lot of questions recently about the placement of neodymium nodes. lots of you are aware of this, but it's better to say outright: they go in your fingertips. they just don't work anywhere else, since they function by generating current that activates or stimulates nerves; this current is so small - it can't shock you - that it needs to be right the fuck inside a really sensitive nerve cluster in order to stimulate them enough that you feel it.

i have verified this experimentally, as it happens - i tried putting nodes in the backs of both hands, on the back of my wrist, and in my forearm, and they don't work. you could probably get sensation if you put them in your clit or your cockend, but i don't fucking recommend it.

unfortunately putting them in your fingertips is intensely, screechingly painful. i cried like a bitch all four or five times i've attempted it; you will too. it's worth it. no pain, no gain.


PS. that marks the 200th post here, incidentally. also please don't take "no pain, no gain" to mean that i exercise, because i don't.


Dave said...

Fascinating shit. Both the tech side and the psychological. A true pioneer in every sense of the word. Much respect to you.

Lepht said...

hey, thanks, Dave. "fascinating" is the word my old psychologist used, as well.


spoon said...

By "gain", I assume you're talking about the electrical amplification you feel. Pun win!

Lepht said...

oh, you're a punny man, johnny.


Ian said...

you said in your talk that you were going to try to see if using more powerful magnets in other places in the body would work just fine. any progress in that area?

if not, i'd be happy to try it myself. i just got a ginormous bag of magnets, with way more than i actually need otherwise, and i've been looking for a way to use them.


Lepht said...

Ian - doesn't work, it's nerve ending density that's the problem. no fingertips, no sense.


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