okay, so i'm gonna be doing this latest experiment sooner or later. it will be on cam, although i'm unsure of whether i will shoop a trollface over mine or just wear a hood or something, since i don't want to ruin my credibility by looking like... well, me. planned proceedings:

1. remove node from failed experimental siting on back of right hand
2. place testing blobs of hot glue and sugru into cavity left by node
3. install node in right hand, middle finger


- lidocaine powder
- sterile water ampoules
- needle and syringe
- possibly topical lidocaine as well to help with the first few cuts

analgesia and sedatives, which i will probably lean on various acquaintances for and which if anyone asks, i totally don't use - drugs are bad, mmkay?

infection control supplies
- gloves
- TechniCare or surgical ethanol for sterilising the components
- antibiotics if i can procure some
- fucidic acid topical cream
- HiBiScrub
- lots of motherfucking bleach

wound care supplies
- steristrips or a suture kit
- big dressings for the back of the hand
- gauze'n'tape for the finger wound
- spray plaster (useful shit)
- sterile cotton wool pads

- another goddamn scalpel handle because my ex fucking nicked mine
- blades
- a few 4G needles

- absinthe
- camera
- test blobs
- containers for chems, pills, drink, components etc.

can anyone think of anything i've forgotten?

(ed. fucking formatting)


malces said...

You seem to be missing any theatrics. Why not put up something symbolic? Like, an alchemical symbol for sublimation: http://www.symbols.com/pics/big/38/3808.gif

Rituals can be a lot of fun :]

m9um9u said...

You've forgotten a decent mount for the cam. Also, perhaps a more accurate cuttign implement.

Max said...

hmmm... can't think of anything else to put on this list, you're the authority when it comes to these things... maybe a stick to put in your mouth so you don't bite off your tongue, but then I don't know any of this analgesic business. Might be that you'll be seeing Lucy in the sky anyway...

spoon said...

All I can think of is to make sure you have nothing important to do with your hand afterwards, in case it's really sore.

(example of important things include: chopping vegetables, rolling spliffs, masturbating)

Lepht said...

whoo shit, i forgot about replying to you guys. i go hunting for ethanol tonight, with any luck; i may do the removal of the old node and insertion of the test blobs too, if i can get smacked enough.

malces - you want theatrics, you're gonna get it when you hear my pussy ass screaming on video. last time it made my roommate cry, iirc. that's a pretty nice symbol though - have you seen the Twilit Grotto? it's an archive of digitised mediaeval grimoires, beautiful fucking crazy little books with all sorts of daemonic sigils and diagrams.

m9um9u - it's even worse than that, m'breda; the cam is actually just a Crackberry. i've never owned a real camera... i think you're right though, i will need someone to hold it if i don't jury rig it up with a bog brush and some electrical tape.

accurate, though? a no.1 scalpel blade is as accurate as i can get sans laser access, i think. unless you know something i don't, in which case, enlighten me if you will.

Max - treating me as an authority on biohacking is a bit like treating a Chernobyl resident as an authority on nuclear physics. she's seen a lot of nuke, but it doesn't mean she knows shit about its workings...

you're right about the stick though, sorta. i usually shove a kitchen rag in my mouth to muffle the yelling (it's sadly involuntary) and soak up blood from where i invariably split my fucking lip. hopefully i'll be more lucid this time; Muad-Dib heard me swear to Thor and Odin last time, apparently.

spoon, dahling - it's cool, i use my left hand for all that shit. my vegetables come prechopped, because i'm a lazy shit who refuses to peel its own carrots.



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