blobs sited

i didn't manage to get the crackberry filming (too hard to rig a position where its tiny field of view can see enough shit - needs someone holding it), but i did take pictures. i'll be posting them up as soon as i can get them off that fucking excuse for a phone. (at least it isn't a fucking iPhone, i guess.) also if anyone knows of a good way to zero-fill or strip the EXIF data, i'd appreciate the entire technically-savvy biohacker underground not getting hold of my crackberry PIN.

experimental blobs of bright fucking orange Sugru and freshly melted hot-glue are now present in a gaping wound in the back of my hand, no anaesthesia required. i have filled said wound with ethanol. i dunno exactly how long it'll be until we see whether or not they'll decay, but i'm sure i'll find out.

irritatingly i snicked the node when i was getting it out, and although the gold appears unscratched, there's a big fuckoff hole in the silicon. i intend to hotglue that shut and all, once i'm sure it's sterile (it's sitting in the fridge in a coffee cup full of industrial bleach, HiBiScrub and surgical spirit, where it'll remain until at least tomorrow.) cross your fucking fingers, fellow hackers.

(brb, hospital.)



malces said...

Unless I'm being particularly daft today, I believe you can just open the images in an editing program and save a copy of them, with said copy being clean. I don't know of any way to automate the process... but then again I didn't look.

malces said...

Cursory google yields http://www.imagemagick.org/script/index.php which should have that functionality with the -strip option.

Scriptable, so no carpal tunnel :]

Max said...

I had completely forgotten about EXIF... damn metadata...
Adobe Bridge might display it and let you simply blank it out, but that would assume you have access to Adobe's horribly overpriced creative suit, which... Never mind

other than that, I don't know, maybe simply blank it out in notepad? (warning: make a backup before deleting huge chunks of rubbish text in a jpeg)

Also, what's wrong with iPhones? I have a jailbroken and unlocked (hacked to hell) 3G, and it's the best phone I've ever had... It dualboots iPhoneOS and Android and boots in verbose mode. It can create WiFi hotspots and play a plethora of old console emulators, and if it weren't the model from 2 years ago, this would include N64 and PSX.
marvel at its awesomeness. Pretty please.

Lepht said...

malces - thank fuck for ImageMagick. i recall that suite saved my ass in an Operating Systems assessment last year, as well. thanks buddy.

Max - it's more that the iPhone is sorta diametrically opposite to FLOSS. i know it can do cool shit - i just wish it would do cool shit without Apple's whole renaming-everything, Apple-branded-everything, obey-the-fruit schtick.

grudgingly: yes, your emulators are cool. they'd be even cooler if they were FLOSS on a FLOSS mobile platform, though.

in other news, site seems to be infection-free, at least for now. is still pretty painful for a small wound, probably because i had to grope around inside the hole and carve the node out of its fibrous sheath.

fuck you, adaptable meat.


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