irritating thing of the day:

retarded Otherkin trying to tell me they have more senses than i do. it's sort of self-defeating to enter into any conversation with that kind of fucking ego-delusional kid in the first place, but i do resent putting myself through a lot of pain just to gain one rudimentary, local-range additional sense and then being outright told that elves and viruskin and dragons have twenty or so senses and if i was a fucking vampire like them i'd never have to go through all of this silly modification stuff, lol, because i'm just an inferior human *giggle*!

without elitism: i can prove my shit. you can hook an electrode up to my hands and watch the nodes being triggered as i sense EM. you can stick paperclips to me. you could take the nodes out of me and put them in another guy and the same things would happen to him, reliably. on the other hand, you are claiming perfect night-vision, a spectrum of hearing beyond the physical capacity of our (yes, our) species, reflexes too fast for sight, etc. etc.

here's a fucking gold-standard experiment for you. let's take all the Otherkin, strip them naked, put them in the woods in the middle of Siberia at three in the morning, and see whether their POWAZ keep their chubby suburban Yankee arses from dying of hypothermia for longer than it takes a bear to scent them.

sometimes i wish i could backhand people over UDP.



IX said...

I think Otherkin are fascinating. I've never knowingly had any dealings with any. I'm more inclined to believe in your nodes than their senses though. A big part of me doesn't want to wholly dismiss them either. I can't explain my intrigue with them. From what I can imagine from them and based on some of the overlapping subcultures, I'd probably want to smack them after a while too.

Anonymous said...

I'll admit to laughter over this. Otherkin are fucking stupid. I'd like to see them prove anything. I'd more like to see them dying. Gorily. If possible, with the involvement of a meat grinder.

spoon said...

I think these social groups exist so that people can bond and get their hole.

For instance I know someone who has had much luck with the women-folk, despite having hand-drawn furry images framed on his bedroom wall.

Then again he's involved with 'art' and 'art' invariably leads to hole.

Jed. said...

Otherkin beliefs are more ridiculous than those of a mormon. there's physically tested and proven science and then there's fucking delusional fantasy. -.-

IX said...

I may be a minority here, but with spirituality you can't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

There's much of the world we don't know about or even possibly could never understand.

Energy is never created nor destroyed. Who's to say that people don't get energy from other things in the universe and that energy is colored by their being. Much like the emanations off a CRT or a cable. It's radio waves, but it retains some of the data that transverses the media. It takes several wipes of 0's and then 1's to completely safeguard your data on magnetic media.

That being said, if the universe is infinite, than those creatures exist somewhere within the universe... That the universe itself is not fact. It's a pretty good chance and we have evidence to possibly support the idea... But not really proven. I think reading the cyber-deity, Stephen Hawking, has made me decidedly NOT an atheist (but certainly not 100% a theist).

Lepht said...

IX - bear in mind that the subcultures which overlap most commonly with the abovementioned tards are the weeaboos and the Wiccans.

also bro, i think you misunderstood some of the tenets of science there. sure, we never fully dismiss anything in this field, but when we say "it isn't very likely", that's more or less a polite dismissal until evidence is brough forward by the claimant. sure, it could be the case that certain middle-class American teenagers have the souls of various cool-looking mythological creatures, but it's not very likely. at all. and they've never gotten evidence for any of it... fact is these kids' beliefs are untestable, incongruent with known reality and frankly smack of being made-up to make a lot of ordinary human beings feel like there's something special about themselves.

an infinite universe doesn't imply the existence of everything we can imagine - it's a spatial term, or a topological one.

tl;dr - the burden of proof is on anyone making a claim of something's existence (i.e. them), not its non-existence. (and Prof. Hawking doesn't believe in gods :] )

kur0, jed - you try actually holding conversations with them and not losing your shit when they say things like "Well, science was wrong before," or "I feel like a dragon, so I must be a dragon!"

spoon - furries only attract other furries. i don't know if that's good or bad.


malces said...

Try as I might to keep a mind as open as IX (because I would really love to live in a world full of sparkly vampires and the like), Occam's Razor cuts pretty deep into the Otherkin that I've encountered. Of course, the same goes for adherents to any belief system which holds certain tenants of faith beyond rational evaluation. Assuming that dragonkin are less likely to burn down my dwelling than a number of religious fundamentalists, it's hard to judge them too harshly... especially considering that said dragons likely cause much grief for their (statistically likely) theist parents and youth group leaders.

Also, I think Otherkin political activism would be great for the colonies. Designated Otherkin genderless bathrooms, mandated insurance coverage for elective surgeries (tongue splitting, whisker implants, etc.), and expanded non-discrimination legislation would make my life much more interesting. I'd happily identify as a pixiekin if it meant that I could work a nice job and keep my pink hair :]

Lepht said...

malces - i dunno. openmindedness is scientific; if they provided evidence for their claims, even non-conclusive evidence, the balance would shift and we would be more inclined to not point and laugh. but yeah - if you're talking about entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem and not the Law of Parsimony (simplest is probably true), then you've pretty much nailed what i was trying to say.

there's so many things you would need to assume the existence of if you took the Otherkin thing as being plausible. souls, reincarnation, mind-body duality, all those fucking (modern-style) mythical creatures, and on and on. no respectable scientist could do it.

still, you're right. it would be a very nice world if we were all secretly magical and not just a bunch of Tolkien nerds. (i am allowed to say this because i have a data-turbine called Isengard and four Arduinos named after the hobbits.)

generally, they're pretty harmless, sure. i think they don't like me personally, but they seem cohesive amongst themselves.

weirdly, i've never met any genderless people who identified as Otherkin, only poor little lambs like me who don't believe in the idea of gender as relevant to anything at all. you've seen them, then?


ps. i liked having pink hair too. no hair is better, though.

Lepht said...

also, clarification: atheism is in fact just the lack of a belief in gods. the pagans, wiccans and otherkin i've seen have been decidedly theist, which != Christian.

as you were.


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