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no infection or irritation so far; in fact the site's doing pretty well, although i had to put superglue out of the toolbox in it yesterday. if all is still calm by next week, i will take it that Sugru doesn't cause major immediate damage to the interior of the human body, although it could still be damaging in the long-term. i'm not so bothered about that, since anything that fucked me up over a long period of time has historically been detected by people giving me biopsies and scans and shit and sliced the fuck out before it could do any real damage.

if it works, then, i'll probably use the sugru to coat up both the parts of the modified Northpaw for implantation and two plain pieces of Nd in order to complete my array. i have the node that came out of my hand the other day ready for re-insertion, but i'm waiting on supplies.

and i'm scared shitless of how much it's gonna hurt, of course. i'll have a spotter to video that one. pictures of the blob-siting tonight with any luck.



Max said...

You gotta video the whole northpaw procedure! With that many wires having to run below your skin, you'll have to basically carve a ring around your ankle, right? How is that ever supposed to heal right? I'm still curious as to how you're intending to power this thing without frying it in the shower (you *do* shower from time to time, right? Right?)
I'd say at least power supply will have to be transdermal, lest you do something with one of those kinetic dynamo things they put into watches these days or intend to power it using clockwork or some sort of futuristic nuclear battery that never runs out of power (personally, I hope it's the nuclear battery ;P)

concerning what you said about the iPhone and its closedness: true, it's all true. The iPhone an apple's corporate policies are about as far away from FLOSS as it could be (they're not only charging money for development, they have a control grip on what gets published and tell developers which tools and IDE to use)...
But then I say well yeah, but there's plenty of free open source stuff in cydia (unofficial app store for hacked devices, it's where you get all the worthwhile stuff)
Granted, you're still throwing your money in Apple's greedy throat, but the hardware /is/ good and the software is too. Their policies suck, but the product's good. I for one am happy with getting as many people to hack their devices as possible. In my class there's 8 people with iPhones or iPod touches. Now they're all jailbroken ;P
(kinda derailed there, sorry)

anyway, where are you going to insert those two Nd nodes now? How many will you have in total once the procedure's over? 5, IIRC?

Lepht said...

whoa, don't worry - whatever i do for the northpaw will be recorded one way or another. currently it just looks like i'll get some poor motherfucker to hold the phone and video it that way. quality's actually not bad.

power's a question still. internal kinetic power is the best idea but i have no idea how to implement it; external waterproofed supply is good too, but not very practical. shit's in the works tbh.

bleah, i don't just despise the idea of such draconian developer rules, although that's pretty fucked up. it's the whole centralisation thing (and the fact that they've made the word "app" popular.) i don't like the idea of all the software for any one platform coming from one "store" - massive weak point if the "store" isn't Apple-sanctioned, for a start, and it's sorta not conducive to the kind of atmosphere you get in the free-software world.

in short, fuck the RIAA, fuck software patents, and yeah it's a very shiny handset.


Lepht said...

oh right, nodes. whoops. yeah, i'll have six once the array's complete, they go in the three fingers furthest from each thumb. once this one goes in there'll still only be four - i've gotta jury-rig some Sugru-covered ones after this experiment.


Director X said...

I'm on the fucking edge of my seat here! What happened? Is he dead?

copper said...

Oi Lepht,

Awesome blog. I'm rapidly consuming it over the span of a few days. I want me some extra senses myself.

iPhone: Funny you'd rail against the developer policies and closed-sourceness of the entire thing. Isn't your meathacking exactly that? Policies = NHS/Scottish telling you in no uncertain terms that you CANNOT hack yourself. But you're doing it anyway. And you, Lepht, are on the cutting edge of body hacking. You're one of the first, writing the manual so the rest of us can follow, much like the first iPhone hackers.

On a related side note, lover of *NIX, iPhone runs iOS which is *NIX-based. You'd be right at home.

Back to body hacking, I was reading recently that when cells are damaged they release hydrogen peroxide. I've been trying it recently on wounds (random clumsiness, not self-inflicted) and they seem to heal it up pretty quick, in addition to being pretty antiseptic. It sounds like you know every anti-microbial disinfecting thing out there already, but worth a look. A little less KILLITALL, a little more get the body to heal itself faster.



Lepht said...

copper - i know iOS is *nix based, but it lacks any of the freedom of real unix, taking it away in favour of warm comfy Apple familiarity. fuck that. i loathe what Apple does to technology, especially when it claims to be JUST LIKE LINUX. it's for Apple users, and i don't judge if they like it, but i don't like it myself.


PS. iPhone makers != iPhone hackers.

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