sorry for the loss of updates, guys. my lack of medication is making it pretty hard to function. fortunately i see the doc tomorrow, and i should be alright after that.

the lumps are both fine - it's official, after about 4 weeks of waiting Sugru seems to be compatible in practice with the human body. there's been no itching, bruising or what have you, no irritation or leaking. it sealed up in about two days and has been peachy ever since.

some notes: i made the Sugru lump too big, and so it looks incredibly fucking nasty right now cause you can see this massive fucking thing on the back of my hand. i also made the hot-glue lump too small in my ever-flowing fucking wisdom, and i shit you not i have lost it. i don't know where in my hand that fucker migrated to, but it sure as shit isn't where i put it anymore. it seems to be non-toxic too, as expected.

i also can't find the Crackberry cable anywhere. fucking photos. i will get them to you guys if it kills me.

so, i got my scalpel handle and a shit ton of antiseptic for the real op, which is next on Lepht's Happy Fun List of Pain. i've got like two thousand hospital-standard bacteria-killer wipes as well, plus some proper finger bandages and another big fuckoff needle, and some sterile surgeon's gloves (latex-free, motherfuckers!) for once rather than crappy exam ones. i will see if anyone in the house has a cam i can use, otherwise you'll be getting crappy Crackberry footage, but there will be footage.

and i hereby grant you all permission to fuck with me mercilessly until i remember to update the blog. jesus, i suck at life sometimes.



Chris said...

I think what you are doing is amazing. I have been interested in the transhumanistic movement for quite a long time but it always seemed like an out of reach endeavour but then I stumbled upon your blog and here you are doing this all DIY. It's very inspirational, what you are doing. I would be very interested in knowing where to get a hold of neodymium nodes. I have searched the internet but as of yet am coming up empty handed.

Anyway, sorry to ramble away, keep up the innovation and inspiration.

Director X said...

@Chris: About the magnets...
See Lepht's FAQ for some leads. Steve Haworth installed mine (if you are in the States). It was nearly painless. If you DIY, I recommend soaking your finger in ice until it is numb. Worked for me.

Lepht said...

thanks, Chris. it's really not so much "amazing" as "self-destructive", but still. i wrote all the places i know of (and there aren't many) to get nodes on the FAQ, which you can access via the green link on the main page; good luck, brother. i am also close to a way to make them ourselves without the need for Haworth's specific product, since they're kind of a bitch to get.

Director X - did you have any problems with infection after the homebrew op? i'm after different ways to prevent it.


Lepht said...

also, it is rather lulzy that you guys use the word "DIY" to describe the ops, since i tend to think of that as being something that requires timber and a hammer and shit.


Max said...

There's nothing like a good old operation DIY style, with a hammer and powertools. Hey, after all, Leonardo Da Vinci probably did his secret operations on dead people the same way. Get out the old hand drill.

Also, what did you say about being at it for making nodes yourself? Could you provide more info?

Ian said...


Interestingly enough, the main topic of the last issue of H+ was "DIY transhumanism," and they referred to your experiments in your article as "DIY RFID." I'm not joking--look it up.


Chris said...


Thanks, I can't read apparently and missed the link for the FAQ or I thought it said Fu-que and I was mildly offended...either way got the link and am searching around but it looks like Steve Haworth won't sell them to anyone not trained specifically by himself, don't seem to be finding them on the trust body mod site, and the ebay store for Steve isn't selling them any more either. Looks like I am going to be waiting on a different solution because although I do live in the states, I'll be damned if I am taking a flight from California to Arizona just to have some dude cut a hole in my finger when I can do it my damn self at home.

Side note...kind of...I consider DIY anything the acronym accurately describes i.e. anything I do myself or anything someone else does themselves.

Amazing, self-destructive, it all ends up the same way right now, in a hole. That's why I think that transhumanism needs home op and forward progression. So we can transcend the hole, or at least gain as much as possible before we hit it.

Chris said...

I think I may have found a solution that could work for me but would love input, I found a site that sells spheres, cubes, plates, and rods of neodymium. I have found that this shit is highly toxic to the body though so I would need to coat it with silicon or some such.

I guess my only real question is, would a rod that was 1/4 of an inch long with a diameter of 1/16 of an inch that was coated in silicon gel work the same way as the magnets that Steve Haworth is charging to put into people? If so then fuck that guy because a pack of 25 of those things is $6 USD and he's charging $200 for one.

Director X said...

I wanted to do it myself, but I finally ended up going to Arizona and had Haworth do it. He put a disinfectant on my finger then stuck my hand in a surgical glove. Then I soaked my hand in ice water until it was numb. This prevented my finger from swelling and wrinkling. Then we took the glove off and made the cut. As soon as he made the inscission he also hooked the stitch in one side before he inserted the magnet. Being able to pull on the string and part the wound seemed to help during the insertion. I took 5 Ibeprophrens (sp?) before the procedure. Between us and the internet, I also jacked off before I went because your pain threshold is greater after you blow your load. It was nearly painless.

@Chris: Email Steve and tell him where you live. Then ask him if he can vouch for any piercers in the area. A better idea is to call your local body modification shop and tell them you want the the magnets. They all know Haworth and can probably get the magnets from him.

If you make 'em yourself then make sure you don't make them round. make a pancake shape. Might be all the advice I can give.

Lepht said...

Max - see the video, or rather, hear it. i scream like a pussy. regarding making nodes myself, i'm just attempting to cover plain Nd-60 in Sugru, is all. it would have the same function and be a lot cheaper.

Ian - i know. i didn't get editorial control over the title; my original title was "DIY H+". most people find me through that article, though, so i don't worry too much about the misconception that i work primarily with RFID.

Chris - you're welcome. they are very difficult to come by, hence this project to roll our own; i would love it, honestly, if this was a routine hacker thing to do to yourself. it would really make the world a little more futuristic.

agree with you wholeheartedly about the home op required to make the movement actually move. so much speculation and wishful thinking in modern transhumanism that the field is really nothing more than a collection of dreamers; i would love to see a wave of practical transhumanists with physical, real achievements and not just books on a singularity that there's no evidence for.

Chris - you seem to be looking into the same things i am. Morveus is also doing it. would you both like to compare notes?

some things: yeah, Nd is toxic, needs to be coated in gold, silicon or both. rods not good; need pancake shapes. otherwise, you're right; i shan't diss the Haworth, since he is the master of this shit and all, but his service is rather overpriced i think.

Director X - good for you. i'm glad more people are doing this; like i said, i would love for this modification to become a standard hacker thing. live the dream, my friends.

i also took your advice and used ice this time, as you can see in the nasty screamy vid. thankyou, friend; it was much less painful with the ice. i owe you a dram if you ever visit the Silver City. i still fail to see why you'd want to do it yourself, though.

also you mean ibuprofen, and alas, it doesn't do shit to an opiate addict like me.

i did not know that jacking off improves your pain tolerance... i shall try that next time.

much love


Anonymous said...

Is this the kinda magnet I wanna use for the nodes, if I popped it in some Sugru?

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