bride of the return of the son of das update

all doing fine, if incredibly bruised; side of finger opposite the node is purple, we obviously hit a blood vessel this time. real post later when i am not so rushed, pictures forthcoming. several things in the meantime:

0000. i am aware of the fact that the YouTube got pulled - it is because YouTube are pussies and summerfags who can't handle a little guro in the name of science. i will put it up again on MegaVideo and RuTube asap.

0001. i am no longer suicidal, haven't been for a long time. just wanted to clarify. the combination of willing slavery to Morpheus and actually having a contribution to make towards the knowledge and experience of the species helped.

0010. i try to reply to everyone's comments, but if there's something i missed, feel free to email me or ruthlessly spam the blog until i respond. there's nothing worse than being ignored when you're trying to have a discussion.

0011. if anyone wants a tarball or zip of the complete set of photos and video i have so far you're welcome to ping me and i will put it up on stashbox.

as you were.


edit: fucking grammar.


Ian said...

it said the video was removed due to terms of use violation. i see nothing in the terms of use that was violated anywhere in the video.

fucking draconian censors.


Lepht said...

i noticed in the list of "community guidelines" they sent me that you can't show anyone "getting hurt"; i personally would argue that this is a procedure as much as it is an injury, and has value for its watchers other than just shock - for example, to see how much time it would take, or the angle to go in at - but i know the value of arguing with YouTube staff, who tend to think they piss tequila.


Unqualified to speak said...

Really? They say they take down videos of people getting hurt?
Considering Youtube has overtaken - and lapped several times - "You've Been Framed" in the 'exhibiting morons self-injuring for the entertainment of the masses,' I don't think they've a tentacle to stand on with that one, personally. ",)

Ian said...

you know the world's fucked up when YouTube allows videos of a baby panda sneezing, but not videos of something that, though a little disturbing to some, is rather educational (if that's the word to use) to others.


Onesan sama said...


Ive been somewhat inclined to upgrade myself in such a way for a while now, lack of any real info other than the basic operating principal, well that and the magnets themselves being for all intensive purposes made of unobtainium.

Oh and keep up the awesome work.

melladh said...

They haven't pulled the other video, have they? If not, it could either be the fact that this might have gotten more attention, or even more likely - it displays someone else doing the cutting and there's helluvalot of screaming. For the uninitiated it doesn't seem fully voluntary... :) It probably does look a lot more like "someone under torture" than "procedure", to a lot of people.

malces said...

If I were the type to wager, I'd put money on people being squicked by the blood or screaming as melladh suggested. It's unfortunate that the YouTube staffers aren't more objective in the application of their "community guidelines", but we can't really expect tube people to be forward thinking paragons of humanity, can we? Might have better luck presenting it as a type of body modification, but that kinda defeats the purpose of putting such vids online in the first place... at least, in my most humble opinion.

Max said...

@L: why yes thankyou, I'd like to have the bulk of the photos taken of the procedure. Also: that torrent you posted a while back of that caesium 137 (173? what was it again?) is pretty dead :(

Youtube's admin people have their head up their asses anyway. I think most of said stupidity stems from a phobia of those irrational lawsuits those amis have that tend to get really expensive for big companies, but at least part of it is normal idiocy.

Spoopryme said...

hey there lepht, sorry if this sounds like spam, but try an account on filevo if you need something to host videos. hell, ill host em on mine if you want. i have to give you and others who have done similar body mods props, i cant muster up the personal strength to do anything at all like what i have seen done... we just arent really programmed to operate on ourselves. at least when sober. and like hell i trust myself when im not sober. =P

Lepht said...

Unqualified - yes. they are "against shock videos". they are also functionally illiterate for the most part.

"Onesan sama" - firstly, forgive me if this sounds derogatory, but your screen name is in incorrect Japanese. one never refers to oneself in Japanese with honorifics such as "sama" or "kun" - it's considered incredibly rude, and would be akin to me calling myself The Great Lepht Anonym. secondly, suffixes to names clash with prefixes, such that a title like "big brother" which already has "o-" doesn't need a "-sama". end of grammar masturbation.

please note that i prevented myself from just typing "fucking weeaboos" there, of which i am quite proud.

i will stashbox a tarball one of these nights.

melladh - i don't know; i see your point, though i'm inured to violence myself. malces - agreed.

Spoo - working on it. and thankyou.


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