bride of the return of the son of das update goes to Hollywood

the node's fine, wound is scarred over completely although the site is still just perceptibly redder and more heated than the rest of the finger. that's unusual; i blame the cyanoacrylate glue i used to repair the node before i shoved it in there, or perhaps it is rusting. in either case it will be good for science.

there is a Megavideo of the procedure now. if you need it there will be a RuTube as well, although currently i cannot be arsed to put one up.

there is a stashbox of the video at http://stashbox.org/977038/node-insertion.3GP

goals further to this project:
1. source raw neodymium discs for coating.
2. create and test homebrew implants with said discs and Sugru.

goals further to the Northpaw project:
1. find some goddamn motherfucking neuroelectrodes.
2. toss a coin to decide whether i go with some sort of kinetic power assembly or whether i just say fuck it and go with a coated lithium cell. currently, odds are favouring the latter, since a dynamo would require quite a lot of complex electronics - capacitors, resistors, other regulatory circuitry and the like - and would slow my prototyping down by quite the major factor, when i'm used to rapid prototyping as the One True Path of software (and wetware) engineering.

in other news, today i cut a failing microdermal out of my face with a scalpel and realised exactly how much better scalpel use is when you actually have a goddamn handle.

carpe corporem



H+ guy said...

Just wondering if you decided you use the northpaw in the belt configuration as reviews of the anklet indicate it gets confusing as fuck if your north-sensor-thing changes every time you angle your foot to take a step (or use a car).

I understand that designing, making and implanting a sub-dermal version of the device would be a lot more difficult (and painful) around the waist rather than the ankle. I would like to hear your thoughts on whether it is worth it if you happen to be integrating a new fucking sense to your nervous system to go for the more upscale version or if you don't really mind as long as its functional most of the time?

Unqualified to speak said...

What kind of draw does the Northpaw have, anyway? Could it be powered inductively without microwaving your shin?

Lepht said...

H+ guy - indeed not; i will be using the ankle as the site for the first prototypes. i realise the limits of the Hitachi chip will annoy people in the long run, but that config is simply too big to prototype at this stage. stepwise refinement makes a better final device.

i don't drive anyway. less people should.

Unqualified - right now, a very large one; needs 3 or 4 AAs to keep it going. i have no idea what my miniaturised version will draw, though, but i will let you all know. i don't know enough about electronics to power anything inductively right now.


Unqualified to speak said...

Why I was asking was that it would remove the need to choose between cell or kinetic - implant a coil and some circuitry, and you can power it how-the-fuck-ever you like - with, of course, the requirement that your source can take the losses inherent in (DC?-)AC-air gap-AC-DC transmission.
Might be an idea even if you just go with the cell, to allow trickle charging if you ever sleep. (",)

http://www.instructables.com/id/Low-Power-Wireless-Charging/, and there's a paper I'll email you as well. It doesn't seem hard, so much as long and fiddly.

Max said...

What unqualified to speak (seriously dude, get a proper moniker) said seems to me like the coolest and best compromise. You'll be left with no transdermal stuff, no need to cut yourself up every week to replace batteries, and you won't have to get a kinetic charger in there. Also, wireless power charging has much more of a future vibe (yes, those are jet pack future italics) than kinetic or conservative methods of power transmission. It's the most convenient option, provided you can get it to work.
(but maybe that's just me being attracted to shiny new things)

Unqualified to speak said...

@Max: it's a pseud you can't Google without it getting clogged with false positives, yet is easily identifiable, and reminds everybody that I'm probably talking bollocks. Fulfills all requirements, I'd say. (",)

Lepht said...

Unq - that paper you sent me is fascinating. i don't always have access to IEEE papers myself - it all depends on what my current staff/student status is with the University and whether they've decided CS students even need access to IEEE papers; some years we do, apparently, and some years we don't. i think, given this new information, that we ought to at least try with the coil before a more traditional approach. thankyou, friend.

Max - i wouldn't be cutting myself up routinely to replace the cell; i envisaged doing that perhaps once every few months. you are all right in that transdermal components are best avoided, although in some cases that doesn't seem to be possible.

and be nice, or i'll have to start disemvoweling people a la PZ.


Unqualified to speak said...

Hell, disemvowel all comments, call it a test of intelligence. Or patience. (",)
'S no problem; I have a way to proxy via my old college's Class B, so if you're having trouble getting any papers, drop me a line and I'll get and pass on. Some publishers (SSRN, for example, the wankers) I just can't get at, but IEEE is dependable.

Lepht said...

perhaps between you and i, the community has access to the majority of academic papers. i can't get Elsevier, though, because Elsevier are cunts.

i like to tell myself that it's good i can't get them, though, because paying a subsidiary of an arms dealer would hurt people a lot more than my not knowing x formula would.


Max said...

Okay, your argument is flawless. I rest my arms, you're right. It's just unusual to see a pseud that is so close to a normal English expression.

That just depends on your state of mind and the formula. ;)
For example, if it weren't so damn dangerous and stupid, I would probably already be at work on my own little Plutonium-based nuclear bomb, or nuclear power plant that doubles as a fast breeder.

H+ guy said...

hmmm, i wonder if there is a market for this kind of thing amongst the cyberpunk and transhumanist subcultures. I can just imagine the ad campaign; 'see the world like you never have before, get an extra sensory implant today'. Either way, good luck with the procedure/surgery.

Lepht said...

H+ guy - i thank you for your good wishes, but i also wish to remind you that never, ever will i ever run ads for anything.

i will not sell anything i come up with. it will all, always, be free knowledge and free devices in the public domain, running on CotS components and FLOS software. adverts, corps, sales and markets can all fuck off as far as i'm concerned: they're the reason that you guys don't yet have access to the devices in the first place. someone made money off it by making it non-free, and now none of us have it.

i wasn't once a Communist for nothing, you know.


Max said...

not even for atheism? I take it you've heard about or even seen those ads on buses and billboards... (I personally find them brilliant, if a bit obnoxious. Are we any better than the religious folks if we try to force our belief or lack thereof down their throats?)

Anyways, you *were* a communist? As in, someone shattered your idealism and now you're a broken man, or as in you stopped going to demos but still believe in the cause?

Lepht said...

Max - i meant products. i despise the idea of making money from what i'm doing; after all, it's Haworth's profit which makes the nodes so unobtainable.

advertising for causes, or for charity, i am uncertain about. i don't consider the atheist buses a bad thing; they were an offset to all the Christian propaganda, in my opinion.

also, i will say this now: anyone who believes that atheism - the lack of a belief in a deity - is equivalent to faith - foundless belief - is a moron.

i was a Communist member, yes, and now i am not. teenage idealism gave way to more practical concerns and i'm no longer convinced that pure Communism can work, if only because any capitalising within the system at all causes it to collapse like dominoes. i wish that weren't the case. i fucking hate profiteers.

i could possibly be described as a broken human, but not in the way you are thinking of. at 22 years old, i stand either at the very mildest end of Communism or the extreme left-wing of modern Socialism.


Max said...

Oh, I get it. Noted and agreed.

Then, I didn't mean to say that unfounded belief and skepticism were on a par (they're not), but you'll have to agree with me that there's probably never been a person who got dissuaded from or persuaded to a deity by a bus advert. If anything, adverts can only raise consciousnesses to certain things. But yeah, it was a good thing to make people see that atheists don't have to hide in their cellar and pretend to believe in the golden calf or what have you.

About communism: Do you think there's ever going to be a stable, fair social system made by Homo Sapiens Sapiens (as the species is now, seeing as we're unlikely to suddenly rename ourselves)? As far as I'm concerned capitalism is the stablest thing we can come up with given the limitations and faults of the people we're made of.It's not good, but we'll have to make up with it till we've all gotten a lot more intelligent and less egoistic.

On an unrelated side note, who did ever come up with the name 'Homo Sapiens'? That must have been the most arrogant and awful scientific misnomer that ever happened. I think it can safely be assumed that anything that comes after us or anything we might become in a few hundred years will look back on us and say 'Thinking man? Yeah, sure.'

Lepht said...

the atheist bus adverts weren't actually intended to deconvert any Christians afaik; merely to be a jolt of reality in a world that likes to say placid little things like "thank God" and "God bless" and "God-given rights" and other stupid emptinesses, without questioning any of it.

i have no idea. also, were a new subspecies of H. sapiens to emerge, i assure you we would name it something other than sapiens.

i also disagree that capitalism is stable over long periods of time: exhibit A, America's economy. still, since i am not an economist or a sociologist, i don't make predictions; i think, however, that a species as intelligent as we are will develop better systems over time.

in my opinion H. sapiens sapiens is quite apt for the species that invented the Linnaean taxonomy, classified all the other species, dominated the planet despite being comparatively physically weak, uniquely developed abstract thought and self-awareness, learned to mould the environment to its own needs, and went outside the fucking planet entirely...


Max said...

So you actually avoid saying things like 'goodbye', 'god damn', 'thank god', etc.? While I understand your point, I usually don't bother. Besides, I'm way too militant an atheist for any of my friends to think I actually am addressing the big skydaddy.

Yes, a subspecies that forks off from the general H. Sapiens Sapiens gene pool would be given a new name, but I don't see much of a chance for the main population suddenly saying "Yup, that's as far as Homo Sapiens Sapiens goes. From now on, we're Homo Sapiens Evolutis", if you see where I'm going.

True, capitalism isn't that stable, so let's hope we'll come up with something better sooner or later.

Yes, humans are intelligent - most of the times ridiculously so. But given the lack of a real, tangible upper bound of where our species could still go and evolve towards, calling itself Homo Sapiens Sapiens was kind of a bold step coming from a species that just invented biosphere-wide categorical naming. What I mean to say is, if we are sapient and intelligent, and loving and non-violent, what are our descendants supposed to call themselves? I'm sure they will look back upon us and see a bunch of barely civilized savages (compared to them), just as we look back at the society of the early ages of humankind and see savage and unfair constructs everywhere, even though it was very progressive for their standards. The relative bad looks of the past are a sign that times are changing, and while Homo Sapiens Sapiens sure is a fitting name, it won't look that way in 500 years or a millennium.

Lepht said...

yeah, i try not to say that kind of shit. just doing my part towards the deconstruction of YHWH Elohim. nobody would think i mean it either, just as nobody would think i'm only addressing men if i said "guys listen", but both speech patterns are equally messed-up etymologically speaking.

i see your distaste for the ignorance of the past, and i raise you Socrates, among others. don't get caught up in how barbaric we'll look in half a millennium; of course we will. it doesn't make us any the less the wisest species on the planet now. pretty sure Sapiens sapiens is an honourable title for the first sapients - the ones that come after won't need to "top" it, you know.


Fred said...

Try coating them in parylene.
My magnet is coated in titanium but thats going to require some machining for you.

Motoko Kolster said...

hey, how do you keep from crunching bone? i don't really have a friend. that could help me with this sort of thing so i'd have to be making my own inscision. my fear is of slashing tendons on my arms and bones in my fingers, and then getting i also don't know what layer of 'flesh' i should be aiming for or what its supposed to look like. the video also really scares me because someone else is doing it to you. it looks like something from a snuff film. so, gross on that.
i also have some interesting plans for something and i'd like to talk to you about it. i also had a question, about the history of body augmentation, particularly in the 50's, or at least before the advent of modern organ transplant, and particularly among bikers. i seem to remember that they used to get their ribs and torsos surgically reinforced with metal cylanders at 'chop shops', and even that this was where the nickname 'ironsides' comes from. if you watch Kenneth Anger's 'Scorpio Rising', right when the guy puts his shirt on, you can see this extra-anatomical protrusion in a smooth curve, seemingly coming from a plate underneath his ribcage. i've heard that nowadays people can't do that because of organ theft, and so the progress of medical science made this whole part of different people's lifestyles nightmarishly dangerous. i also think i have something sewn into me. going for that mri soon, we'll see. hit me up on email.
oh! and also, i want to see a video of you using the implants once they're done and describing how it feels.

Anonymous said...

Oiiiii, Lepht, answer his questioonnnnnnnnnnn :P

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