winter feast

a rare moment of fightless calm in my ma's house finds me sitting in front of a real log fire, working on my slides for the congress, eating bulk-buy pick'n'mix strawberry sweets. deciding what colour eyes to wear tomorrow out of a beautiful new palette and feeding leftover beef to the never-sad dog while it tries to steal my share of the meat, heat and liqueur. fuck all this Jesus and Eid and Kwanzaa and Pagan Solstice crap. i celebrate in winter what my farthest ancestors, all of them, did: there are people i care about, reachable and not, and most of us are still alive to see the words when i say them.

merry winter feast, sapes and friends. i toast your continued existence.



Kuro said...

For want of anything better to say at 0106, and to yours. Good luck @ the congress.

Kuro said...

Regarding Christmas, I myself was rather irritated by the festive interruptions perpetrated by obscure relatives (the season does not make my house into a public place, nor does it make me any more likely to remember the names of people who haven't encountered me since I was 8 and find me rather disagreeable now - no fault of mine that I'm no longer a tweely winsome child with a bobble hat). I'd echo your sentiment regarding the continued existence of those who we care about, though, despite my generally foul mood.

malces said...

I'll toast to the quadrupeds that make familial interaction both tolerable and warm. May they always be entertained by our incessant groping!

Oh, and may the metal be with you at the congress! *horns up*

Lepht said...

Kuro - i hadn't meant to insinuate that my actual blood relatives had anything to do with that toast. i understand your predicament entirely; mine still refuse to call me by the name i chose (which is a perfectly normal female name) rather than the one they gave me, despite six years and a deed poll. my partner shows up tomorrow and i have no idea how he's going to react to them, or they to him.

malces - it's not the metal, it's the industrial! can't you see the staples and crocodile clips?

peace, all.


Anthro said...

What do you mean by choosing your eye color? I like the idea. Is it cheap?

Anonymous said...

@Anthro: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contact_lens#Cosmetic_contact_lenses

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