i am an idiot and an asshole.

my parents informed me with less than enough harshness that actually they don't mean their comments on TV literally. it turns out that in actuality it is i who doesn't think things through, so not only did i misunderstand what they meant and vent about it without asking for a clarification of whether i was actually correct, i insulted and upset them both in the process. i am lucky my ma still fucking speaks to me.

i removed the post not at my parents' request but at my own embarrassment. should you have said anything important in the comments please do repost here, and accept my apology for publicly venting frustration about people before checking to see if they really were deserving of it: they aren't, and i was totally in the wrong.

other news:

i will be writing up a full account of the 27c3 talk and answering your mails and comments as soon as i can, and will let you know if i find the stream anywhere important. there are several articles about it, or me, which i'll also link to.

someone got into my Blogger account earlier today and i am installing analytics to allow better tracking of who did it if it happens again. i'm not a proper hacker, so i can't stop you, but you fucked me over for a good few hours and made me cry because i thought you had locked me out permanently. good going, asshole, you upset a stressed civilian.

in short: my mother is a good person to whom i owe more than i ought to, including a lot of my finances for Berlin; i know nothing like as much as i like to think i do about normal people and their reactions to simple entertainment; i am not a good person myself; and you shall have your 27c3 article later.

carpe corporem



Sebastian said...


Some guy uploaded the vids to youtube. I have nothing to do with them.

Anonymous said...


Ian said...

I've got a video of the talk almost made; I'll upload it to my youtube channel as soon as I feel like it...

Anonymous said...

They seem to have it just uploaded:

(only one of some possible adresses, but there it is)

Greetz Ben

pens said...

i enjoyed your talk very much. a few pictures would have been nice for people who don't already know what you are talking about.

Max said...

It's hard to find pictures that contribute to people's understanding without showing some blood. I personally don't mind it, but you can't put pics like that in a presentation if you don't know how the reaction will be.

But don't worry, if you wanna see pics, scour the archives, there's even a video of the implantation procedure

Ian said...

@pens: The pics Max was talking about are here, and the video is here

Lepht said...

thanks all. pens is right, it really needed a few photos, but it was written very last minute so i forgot to include them. next time, sure, and thanks for the suggestion.


Ian said...

L--you think there's going to be a "next time?" that's great--maybe i'll actually be able to go next time. i was stuck in France during the last one and was unable to get to Germany.


Ian said...

i've uploaded the talk, btw. part one here

Lepht said...

Ian - i sure hope so, if i finish the Southpaw by the time the next c3 rolls around. it was exhilarating, not to mention life-altering, and it achieved a lot of what i wanted to (namely, to get other people interested and contributing.) here's hoping


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