laptop's hdd is screwed. unmountable from any kind of bootable media nor from the OS itself, which isn't even getting to GRUB before it freezes. looked at it from a miraculously functional Ubuntu 10 live disc that had been loose in Muad-Dib's pocket - fucked. can't mount the encrypted volume that contains the Fedora distrib i've been living off for years, upgrading it again and again, waiting for the memory, or the hdd, or something else i can't fix without money, to break. looks like it has. the touchpad, DVD drive button, volume controls and keyboard all went long ago.

conducting memtest anyway. maybe it's actually a RAM problem somehow plx and i can just scavenge someone else's spare gig for it or see if i have some around here i might have stolen from somewhere... can't really remember what's in the box of gomi. i'm pretty sure it's fucked though. i'm gonna try to reinstall F14 (only disc i have and the DVD writer is on the fucked machine) then download another image and upgrade to... what is it now, 17? 17 beta? i'll lose all my bookmarks (pissed) but the fiction and all that shit is backed up or posted on the blog. if the box is completely boned i'll gut it and see if i can use the hdd as an external, scab the memory for something.

you know what caused this, the loss of my main frankenmachine and my current reliance upon a tiny, dying XP notebook my mum gave me for taking notes in lectures with?

fucking auto kernel updates. all i did was run the auto yum update and click the happy little YOU NEED TO REBOOT ME! icon on the taskbar. fuck.


PS. Xanax better than Valium. supply limited, but feeling less dead for the moment. pray to nothing it lasts; sometimes wish i believed in that shit for sheer placebo effect. the Suboxone stopped working completely this week and now i remember why i started taking morphine. working on finding an alternative, outlook piss poor though.

edit: memtest finds no problems. reinstall commencing. cock.


Anonymous said...

Hope you get your PC HD recovered....Glad the Xanax works well for you, Should be easier to get more of than diazepam...just tell em that its either Xanax or mail order diazepam...LOL

Max said...

I sure hope that the HD's not fucked. However, even if it's still functional, by the time HDs do stuff like that, they're considered to be at the end of their life cycle. You might wanna plan ahead, because I don't think that laptop is going to survive for much longer

Anonymous said...

It is a good ide to monitor S.M.A.R.T on the harddrive with an OS specific monitoring tool and obviously make sure you have SMART turned on in the BIOS as then it ussually will do a smart volume check and display it in the boot screen....You may be able to use a tool like photorec to recover your favs etc

ThomasEgi said...

if you need any replacement parts, feel free to name them. i still have a couple of old devices i could scavenge for parts.

and good luck with the data. i feel with you. had a disk-crash myself just a week after i cleaned and gave away my backup-disks.

oh and. if you want to, i think i still have an external rfid-hdd-case with modified controller so you can make it read other tags,too. including source of the atmega addon.

Anonymous said...

Have you any links to the atmega rfid mod and what model enclosure it is...does it support HITAG....

Anonymous said...

epht here is a link to photorec...it is GNU amd really good. As it accesses only blocks it can recover even if file alocation tables and patitioning info are lost.....give it a shot....and take another xanax for good measure

ThomasEgi said...

all the info i have is only on my hdd. if it works with a 125khz carrier, chances are you can make it work. i modified it to read my animal-rfid tag. guess hitag is not much different from the original tags.

i modified a total of 3 different hdd encosures, they all came with the same rfid frontent-ic and only required to intercept 2 lines, data and clock. both pretty easy to find with a scope.
one case was an delock rfid case, one an icybox or so, cant remember the 3rd one.

feel free to contact me on #biohack on wutnet (

Anonymous said...

photorec is GNU and a really good way of recovering files from disks with corrupted FATs etc or even that have been formatted (as long as a zero out has not been done) give i a go lepht and take one zanax for good measure....

Ian said...

if you don't just want the IP address of wutnet, you can use the URL irc.wutnet.co.cc; the channel is still #biohack.


Lepht said...

thanks, everyone. it's the bookmarks and research docs i'm most pissed about, stuff that had been building up for years. luckily i had my novel backed up on USB drive. Max is right, though - somehow, i'm gonna need a new box soon. fuck knows how since i still haven't been loaned any rent money.

will try to enable SMART on this thing, but will need instructions from elgoog.

ThomasEgi - i think the whole thing is fucked, including nonreplaceable parts like the cola-sticky internals and the broken fans. thanks for the offer, though, that's really kind.
i would, however, love that RFID HDD case. maybe i could hook it to the EM4102 in my hand. dunno about IRC given the time frame, but i pick up all the comments here fairly easily.

on that note, anyone know where to get a HITAG ampoule? really need one for an experiment, been searching for years.



edit: aaaand there's the Xanax kickin. expect spelling mistakes and/or logical fallacies.

ThomasEgi said...

sry i wasnt online the last few days on irc. i am usualy on there all the time. but i am at a friends place till tuesday.

bout the hdd case. i think it reads em4012 by default so you might not even need any modifications to the hardware. my transponder is iso-11784/5 so i had to mod it.
only tag i have left is an iso-tag.

will be able to write more starting next week.

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