data loss

hdd totally fucked, power's on the fritz as well now. random outs. fans don't work all the time so i have a desk fan belonging to my roommate sitting behind the machine while i try to answer emails.

i've also lost the HOWTO files i was working on, and the list of people that wanted them, and all the operation documents/photos/videos i had before. fuck.

i'll start the skeletons off again tonight and when i finally do write the docs, i will just post them here and on some filesharing services. sorry if you emailed me and were told you'd be sent a copy - you won't, i had all your addresses in a text file and it's gone.

also i do know how to use PhotoRec etc. but the HDD was too far gone - recovery tools turned up fuck all on initial scan and i didn't have another disk to recover to anyway so i just zerofilled and reinstalled everything (plain reinstall failed and fucked GRUB up). now for the moment it works, but idk how long it will last. i wish i was better at repair work.

in meat news, i missed the last two days of this week but have gotten to more than average classes still. the Xanax isn't really suitable for listening intently to lectures though and one day i ended up just composing replies to people instead of taking notes, like a fucking slacker. well, i am a fucking slacker, but you know.

myself and Muad-Dib are down to £1.40 between us or so, now, apart from the change pot. my roommate uses so much TP that i think said change is gonna have to go on that instead of something a bit more useful (MD thinks she eats it.) Student Loans still haven't paid me or sent any letters, but it could just be slow post - still freaking me out. we're gonna go scouting Marks'n'Spanks for 10p discount food tonight on a tip from Daz, our homeless friend who lives in front of the alleyway to the flat.

here's hoping for 10p belgian truffles and 20p pork roasting joints, motherfuckers. otherwise we're gonna be the ones eating TP.


UPDATE: the bastard rich people in their Jimmy Choos and pashminas fucking beat us to it, and by the time we got there they'd already filled literally cartloads of the reduced stuff and were trailing the staff waiting for them to reduce more. we got basically nothing - a sausage roll and some lemonade. assholes. they don't even need all that, they could at least leave some for other people - just a few bits. we saw one lady in gold jewellery and a fur coat cleaning out an entire shelf of reduced meat - so there was literally none left for us - then paying for it with her debit card and saying "See you tomorrow" to the cashier. i hate people with no concept of sharing. we didn't want ALL the food, we just wanted SOME, you fucking dicks. we need to fucking eat.

shit. sorry. i'm just worried.


Anonymous said...

<3s and best wishes

Jakethetripper said...

Shit, I've been there. Time to go into emergency mode and start looking for free food though devious means. You can scam drive throughs or go into pizza/baker shops and offer to buy off some old food for cheap, or order some and never pick it up and go through the dumpster later.

Just stay strong and go through it, I went broke with zero food like once every 6 weeks throughout the last year.

Anonymous said...

Check out the "trash" containers in the backyard of bigger stores. They throw away a lot of perfectly fine food (just don't take anything that should be kept in a fridge). But a lot of groceries and fruits a perfectly fine and most of the times even packaged seperately.

Second suggestion: You have quite some regular visitors here and maybe some of them are willing to financially support you for your work. You could put up your banking information and ask for some support. Even if its turns out that you just get 10 Euros a month, thats still better than nothing. I guess nobody here is rich, but if some of us are willing to donate, lets say 5€ per month during your hard time, you could afford some more food again. I would for sure support you.

Anonymous said...

If you could start accepting bitcoins as donations or some other anonymous method like western union etc......I would definately put tiny bits in here and there, I am very poor too but empathise and everynow and then have a little more than I absolutely need. I would much rather see you have a small peice for a meal here and there than our corrupt governments
that just take it !!

Meticulous Geek said...

I am sure a lot of people would be more than happy to help out their favourite bio hacker via donations but accepting them is purely your choice.... I am personally not able to accept any help and like to get through things by myself, but then again the choice is yours. Now I don't know how things are where you live but in Canada food banks are the way to go. Also I dont know if your employed or not but if you aren't check is you can get some kind of employment insurance money from the government.

And damn hard drives..try dropbox for "important documents".. it has saved my butt several times from drive crashes and file corruptions :D

Also ...damn those people are freaking greedy -.- but its sad that people like you and I can't do horse crap about those kind of people..
Good Luck with everything :P

Anonymous said...

DO NOT USE DROPBOX it , faacebook , and all those other privacy theiving tools are to be avoided and discouraged by all people with grey matter !!!!!

Max said...

I wouldn't use dropbox for anything vital either. +1 on the donations thing. Shut up and take my moneyz.

Lepht said...

Anon & JacktheTripper (not sure what spelling is right there): yeah, i've done that in first year, only to find all the bins locked. i'm gonna try behind Starbucks tomorrow evening. can't do the drivethru thing as i've no car, but i could try the baker shops late at night, i'd forgotten that one. thankyou.

what are bitcoins, sibs? are they better than paypal? i did finally put information up in another post, along with IBAN in the comments.

one rule: NO DONATING IF YOU'RE AS POOR AS ME. i don't want to harm anyone that way, it's not fair on you.

Meticulous Geek - i understand that very well. it's not that i can't accept help, it's that i hate taking from people. especially other sapes. unfortunately we don't have food banks over here; there are homeless shelters where free food is, but i'm not taking that away from the guys i know who don't have a house. i have no idea if i'm eligible for any benefits - students generally aren't - but i will try the online calculator thing anyway. thankyou.

the facebook-hating Anon: i only use Dropbox for documents i want not to be private, like tutorials and shit, and i don't have a farcebook nor will i ever. don't worry. i hate that type of site just as much as you do.


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