dinner last night was a quarter of this ancient tub of ice cream i found in my drawer of the freezer and i think it's fucked me up. i dunno what the hell else it could be since i haven't eaten anything else in the last 48hrs or so - tried to make a Slim-Fast shake thing i borrowed off my roommate but it smelt so fucking bad i couldn't stomach it even starving - but i can't even keep pills or drink down now and my stomach is killing me. think i'm gonna have to call the doctor.

fuck yeah cause you all come here for bodily fluid news. in other depressing meatspace happenings, today was the last feasible day for the student loans to come through and nothing has. i'm gonna call them again; i fucking hate sitting on hold with their self-interrupting autoresponder system. turns out i also can't apply for the "student hardship fund" until this document comes through, which is why i need to apply in the first place.

...okay, it's getting pretty bad now. i was going to post account data since people offered enough times but i've gotta go get an emergency appt. or something. more later. cc


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