meat free

almost. new medication doing incredibly well, should updose this week. glad to see all the support, will jump in on discussions / answer questions later when i've had a bit more sleep. house is now filled with Christmas decorations B had me put up because i'm manlier than she is, twinkly lights etc., and i will be interested to see how fucking spangly it all looks on 60mg of this stuff.

the stuff won't be named, as someone asked, because of the searches it will generate and because of what people will be led here. there are other reasons but i don't need to talk about it. Unq, or anyone else who is privy to my bitchings in the real world, if you want to know the gory details, drop me a text. everyone else, you can email me if you like, because i don't want to deliberately keep things from you all, although it's really not worth the effort for this particular piece of knowledge.

am layering up to slay Mephisto, then tackle a peer-to-peer system assessment with the aid of all my skeleton mages and a tough-ass mercenary i've been dragging around since i hitched my first ride to Lut Gholein on that crappy caravan. wish me luck, fgts.



Anonymous said...

mephisto is a pussy

Anonymous said...

Really glad the new stuff is working. Will we see you in Berlin this year?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'd like to reassert that mephisto is a pussy

Sheaman said...

Good to know that they found the right salt fer ya Lepht! Good to know you are doing well*er* than you were the last time I looked in on ya. Get some avatar based therapy in ya - and back to work at recreating humanity in the mornin' ;) Ill be back! ..later ( next month or the next time I get into a convo about 'The Cyborg'

Anonymous said...

but lepht i really need to know if tramadol fucks you up

Will May said...

Wow. I haven't visited your blog since July. So much has happened.

Good to see things are working out better. As for the donations, I'm not surprised at all to see you get so much support. I have an awesome magnet in my finger thanks to you, so in my case (and surely in many other people's cases) it would feel more like returning a favor than charity.

Plus, it's just really hard not to admire what you're doing.

"you are all going to hacker heaven with me."

Haha, hacker heaven sounds nice.

Motoko K said...

lepht! lepht!! lepht!!! you're alive!!!! i got so worried about you!!!!!! <3<3 i love you i love you i love you i love you *holding on tight to my lepht and never letting go*

Anonymous said...

Here's to having a new year with plenty of biohackin' goodness (and hopefully more blog post)! Cheers

Lepht said...

Mephisto is indeed a pussy. alas, i was not in Berlin this year owing to a. ridiculous travel costs (the air fares are fucking spiralling even for local travel) and b. not really having anything new to say.

Motoko, i am so sorry for worrying you, sib. i just realised i haven't mailed since like fucking October. proper post, mails etc. upcoming since i am now sitting down in front of four bulging inboxes with poisoned veins flowing. fuck yeah post time.


ThomasEgi said...

hey lepht,
just wondering if you saw that one? http://www.ti.com/product/ads1191
sort of a one-chip sollution to get nerve impulses into a microcontroller.

got my samples just yesterday, will report back once i have them on a prototyping board.

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