the kindness of hackers

i feel pretty goddamn shitty. i'm still at my mum's - i'll be here until September 2014 at the earliest - and i'm still completely fucking broke. i have to ask my parents for food right now. some people have volunteered to help, so if you really want to, i have a paypal at a.mason.06@aberdeen.ac.uk. i also have a bank account (it contains minus 2K). if anyone wants to give me 2K so the bank will stop trying to take my blood, you go right ahead, sir or madam. if you wanna throw me a few quid i will happily give you the details by email or you can text me, my phone number is a few posts down i think.

i will also accept offers of free food, random parcels, pills, your unwanted Steam items and/or oldarse games, all that shit your ex-girlfriend left at your place six months ago when she moved out, grocery vouchers pilfered from your parents, and a few people have asked if it is okay to send christmas presents, which it definitely fucking is. anything you wanna send, you can send. i am too poor to be proud, i will eat anything that doesn't contain cheese or tomatoes (they make me throw up). (well, they make me throw up more.) pizza is OK. and second-hand clothes you don't want, i seriously love those. especially men's ones, which are way more comfortable and seem to be the only way to get jeans which are not skintight or hoodies that actually keep you warm or hats that do not look fucking stupid. i am incredibly easy to please.

my mum has given the green light for sending things to this address, it is:

21 Ashgrove
BS35 2LH
the condition on that is that nobody comes to visit. i'm not exactly up for visits anyway and i think most of you are on the mainland or in the USA to boot. so knock yourselves out.

*jingles its begging hat*

unfortunately i do not currently have the space for that pony.



Jalex said...

Check out approved food for food, I got I got 2 blue recycling bags of noodles like 1 1/2 years ago and they're still not finished.

Also this has free stuff sometimes. https://www.facebook.com/10ways

I'd send ya some cash but I'm kinda all out of that too.

Dan Campbell said...

Lep, will your mail get delivered without a name?

Derek said...

I'm guessing you're a small, but any further tips on clothing sizes? Old clothes are great, old clothes that fit well are awesome.

If you're interested in a pen pal, you have my email.

Dan Campbell said...

Never mind, got the name.

Have a good night, kid.

Lock said...

I'll send some later today, PayPal isn't cooperating right now.

Dan Campbell said...

Don't know about anyone else, but I haven't received any acknowledgment, that the intended recipient of our contributions, actually received our donations.

My concern, whenever I make any kind of donation, is that the funds will end up in the hands of management or other individuals, rather than the needy.

Until there's a twitter or blog acknowledgment, I'll assume the worst.

Feoa Winters said...

Please check your paypal is working. There's a few donation coming your way from my people. Also, expect post.

Lock said...

Same here, it hasn't claimed my donation. Think it's just being slow though.

Dan Campbell said...

Lep might be having a difficult week, and we don't know the mechanics of how she cashes out.

But yeah, we need to make sure she is the recipient, before doing any further contributions.

Dan Campbell said...

She's scaring us, again. Hope she's ok. The Paypal donation was made weeks ago, but hasn't been picked up.

Lock said...

Inactivity for weeks and even months is nothing new. I'm sure It will be back eventually. Still, it is a bit strange that It hasn't claimed anything. Distractions I suppose.

Dan Campbell said...

You called it right, Lock. She's back.

It's like she disappears into another dimension, scaring everyone into wondering if she's still around, and then peaks out every once in a while.

She confirmed that the Paypal link works, and she received the funds.

Damn it though, why the hell isn't Lep eligible for benefits?

What's the point of having a system in place to help the needy, if the system determines that a starving, virtually homeless person doesn't qualify? Wtf.

Christmas said...

*coughs* Sorry, wrong chimney. Meant to post in this one.

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