talk on 31st October, Lee Rosy's Tea Room, Nottingham

i have a speaking engagement coming up on the 31st of October, at Lee Rosy's Tea Room, 17 Broad St., Nottingham NG1 3AJ. it will be a short-ish talk about transhumanism and biohacking (as i see/practice it personally of course). it begins at about 6:30. as far as i know members of the public are welcome to come along & there's no entry fee (i'll update this if i'm wrong.) there will be a LibreOffice presentation and everything. i will be discussing past and present projects, basic steps to basic implant procedures, risks and ethical qualms, etc., as well as taking any and all questions (i plan to leave a fair bit of time for an extended Q&A session, since that's not something i normally get to do.)

it would be awesome to see any readers there. i invite you all if you can be bothered / are in the area / have an unhealthy interest in my intimate personal life!




Anonymous said...

Will there be a recording?

Devin said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I wish I could go, I live in the U.S though

Dan Campbell said...

Nice going, Lepth. Getting back in the groove.

I hope you don't think that any of our concerns, should be considered 'unhealthy interest' in your private life. There's nothing wrong with caring about strangers, in my opinion. I'm personally elated, that everything is going much better, and that you finally have a person who supports and loves you, for who you are.

Anyway, this is exciting. Please Youtube the talk, as soon as you are able.

Birdmachine said...

I'll be in the US during this :< bummer
I'd also love to hear if there'll be a recording or not! Even if I can't be there in person, I'd be interested to get to hear the talk.

IdolRevolver said...

Shame I can't make this, I'd like to second the call for a recording to go up on youtube.

IdolRevolver said...

How did it go lepht? Was it recorded?

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