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woefully underattended! it was like a paedophile's funeral, as my cameraman said. about six attendees and one of them was the poor guy organising the event in the first place. it took place in the lower floor of a nice little indie-type cafe place, and having tried in vain to recruit the two sweet old ladies who occupied the lower bit and the small collection of Hallowe'en hating hipsters typing on their laptops in the upper half, i ended up giving a talk to the organiser and five or so people who weren't doing anything for Hallowe'en.

not that the organiser didn't try to publicise it, mind; he was pretty apologetic about the crap turnout, and about the (egregious) mistake of having scheduled the talk for the biggest party night of the month thereby almost guaranteeing that nobody would be interested. you live, you learn. he was a really nice guy & a good host, and the group he's set up seems like it's probably going to be a decent little H+ group once it's matured a bit and attracted some more members, so if nothing else i spose this was an OK talk for those five or so people and a pretty good lesson for me (in that i should have realised much earlier that the date was a bad idea and warned the guy so he could change it).

we did film it, both as something to share if people wanted it and as food for the documentary, but owing to the location lighting and the interference of sound from the floor above us, the film's not of very good quality and will apparently need a fair bit of editing to make it watchable. i'll put it up for sharing as soon as it's finished.

as requested, here are the slides to the talk, entitled "Biohacking 101" on Google Drive. they're free to view for anyone, so feel free to spread the link around. i think the talk contains some decent info for beginner biohackers or people just interested. it also has some stuff on ethics, etc that i didn't go into in the 27C3 "Cybernetics for the Masses" talk, although they're similar to each other.

film will follow when i have it. might post the raw unedited stuff if the edited one takes ages, though it will be godawful.

also as a few people suggested: if any group around wants, i'm happy to give similar talks to whoever wants them & can be arsed to arrange them, like university societies, interest groups etc. if you want a specific topic that's fine too. i don't charge money, just a drink and a toke if you're having em.



ETA, 22.12: i did not ever actually get that footage, something happened to it with audio levels such that it wasn't usable. apologies. the slides are still OK though


IdolRevolver said...

I'll be honest, I was only expecting a few people to turn up, given that it seems only a few follow your blog. Wish I could have made it, and I probably will if you do another in a more convenient time/place. Looking forward to the video!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could've been there, but it's a bit hard to cross half Europe on the 20 bucks left at the end of the month. I always love to attend or see biohacking talks, especially the reactions from the others attending. Looking forward to a video!

Birdmachine said...

Sad I wasn't able to go. Looking forward to the video once it's finally up! :) Paged through the slides and it's interesting stuff.

Brook said...

Wish I could've gone dude :L
If you are ever in the Oxford area let me know :)

Dan Campbell said...

Well Lepht, I've always suspected that you won't be fully appreciated, until you don't expect it, or until after you're gone from public memory altogether. At that time, the video will go viral, and everyone will wish they had attended.

Screw it. The good news about all this - the GREAT news - is that you're healthy enough to do more lectures.

That, in no small part, is because of love. It's corny & sentimental, but I know for a fact that being loved can completely turn a person around.

Paul - thanks man, for taking care of this unique woman, our hero.

Anonymous said...

Ehh this is quite offtopic, but i write it here anyway. I just found out about grinding and your experiments today. I am glad that you have found something that you feel is meaningful. That's often a pretty good thing in my book. However since i am new to all this, i just hope that its all safe and that you will not be damaged in any way by any of this stuff. (I guess you heard that a million times or so already but there we go...). But i have to say that i felt like "-jeeez, there must be SOME way to do stuff like this in a hobbyist way, but minus the unnecessary pain". Hmm "fame" can be a weird thing, the projections and also ones own identity crap being affected by it. Hmm I wonder why im writing this at all? Good luck with the whole thing anyway, and also good luck dealing with depression; i have had a ridiculous amount of that sort of fun myself on and off for quite some time, it can be heavy crap at times I know).

All the very best dear,

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