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recent experiments seem to suggest the possibility of using acetone to dissolve various RFID and contactless devices to gain useful components. i also found the local Rag Market selling 100% acetone for cheapsies, which is always good. by "useful" i do of course mean "useful for installing beneath one's sliced open and surgically retracted flesh in order to further one's admittedly bizarre experimentation". biggest problem right now is making coiled-copper antennae, which are very delicate, suitable for implantation (i.e. bioproof) whilst still retaining functionality. it seems that a square shape, not filled in in the middle, with the chip connected to the coil on the outside (and the whole thing coated in whatever) is the best proto-dealio to be manufacturing, as it seems like that's the most stable construct that maintains the original shape of the device somewhat but also has the smallest surface area. as everyone probably figured out by now, items with a small surface area are far more likely to take beneath the skin than larger ones, and for related reasons, stuff with holes in is better than stuff without, so long as the holes don't compromise the bioproofing (whatever it is you've used for that). but i've had a few failures (conceptual and otherwise) & now need further supplies to fuck with. i'm going to be messing around with a contactless, refillable bus pass they sell around this area of Birmingham this time (sort of like an Oyster card if you're familiar with those). more as it happens / doesn't happen / gets horrifically infected and results in loss of limbs.

in other recent escapades i went with Paul (the documentary bloke!) to the Circus of Horrors a while ago. it was pretty amusing, although the posters led me to expect less than the quantity i actually witnessed of midget cock, balls and/or arsehole (how does he lift that weight, even with what are proportionally rather large tools?!) we accidentally bought VIP tickets and thus Paul calmly appreciated the artistry while i drank both of the little bottles of red wine we were given, plus a complimentary vodka lemonade, and spent most of the evening thinking a mixture of "HAHAHA WOW YAAY" and "I LIEK FISHNETS, I LIEK CORSETS" which i'm pretty sure is exactly what you're supposed to do anyway. it was immensely fun, they gave us free snacks and a tiny box of delicious truffles, and we even got to talk to the ringleader/owner afterwards (i did not say anything retarded, surprisingly.)

while that has exhausted my "fun stuff" budget for a while, i have got some cash left saved for experiments, so worry not. i'm not spending scalpel money on drink like some sort of *crazy person*.




IdolRevolver said...

Rather a lot of copper in those NFC antennas (at least ones I've seen). Is it feasible to fit that much material under the skin? There's certainly much more bulk than an RFID ampoule.

NuclearFantasies said...

So, it looks like the older Oyster cards use a MIFARE Classic 1k, while newer ones have a MIFARE DESFire chip (similar architecture to a Smartmx chip, but compatable with encryption standards such as DES, hence the name). The documentation on them is extensive, and should be fairly easy to adapt to whatever purposes you want.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just saw something recently about the availability of lidocaine. Things might be different in the UK, but here in the US it's available pretty easily online, and seems like it might be really useful to you if you're so excited about a local anesthetic cream. Even if you can't get ahold of it, apparently it's not too hard to synthesize from some sexual lubricants, though I can't personally attest to this. Good luck with your endeavours, anyway.

Edmund Wilfong said...

You know, I remember running across you way back in the day when you were first putting magnets into your fingertips. I never had your guts in that regard (probably for the best - turns out I was soon to become diabetic and the immune system would not have tolerated that kind of stress).

It's good to see that you're still at it. Much as it's insane and my nerves tell me to get you to shut up, my brain is telling me that it's another step towards greater things.

Dan Campbell said...

Fun to watch and speculate about, but still too bloody to try, for many of us.

When we have a way of storing bits of information neurally and efficiently, that's near my threshold of risk vs reward.

"Like some kind of crazy person". Ha, ha. Lepht is trying to convince us that it's not crazy.

We know you're nuts, Lepht. Some of us aren't playing with a full deck, either; just ask my wife.

We love you anyway, kid. Glad you're doing much better, now, and that there's hope for a better future.

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