documentary is up

it's up on the BBC3 iplayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/item/8ca601f1-2d4f-412a-8c94-ad0b3497ac4e

this is a BBC3 professionally filmed documentary rather than the semi-amateur one Paul is working on (that one will be done by the end of the next academic year, since it'll be his graduate thesis). this one is also free to watch for anyone and should work fine for anyone outside the country (i think, i never tried.) it's also on youtube, on BBC3's channel. Paul's documentary will be a lot longer and more in depth than this one, which isn't all that long, about five minutes i reckon. it won't take you long to get through. i did a lot of interview-type talking for this one in various different places, and upgraded my RFID chip on camera for them. the film crew were great and really decent people to work with, and have been all the way up to its release.

also some of you have been asking me about various gender and pronoun related things on twitter, which i can't explain in tiny little tweets, so i'll try to do that in another blog post. enjoy watching me forget how to talk properly whilst being filmed



Dakota Stewart said...

Glad to see the payment chip experiment went well!

Great representation of the community too; I am never quite sure how to talk to non-hackers about this stuff.

On a random note, I like the new style too!

John Potts said...

Neat little documentary. What would the price difference be between going to a piercer, and buying the sterilisation supplies and needle to do this yourself?

Also, what's up with your right pinky (visible at 1:14) if I might ask?

IdolRevolver said...

Efficient little 3 minute introduction, although they could have gone more into the uses and utility of the implants.

Jenova Rain said...

Lepht, I left a comment on the facebook post for this vid but realised you might not notice it there. You might be interested in my new beta test of the next gen NFC chips here: http://get-holes.co.uk/biohacking/
Even if not, I have been doing this for 11 years and I would love to meet up with you and talk about our experiences. Reading through your posts I feel like I have found a kindred spirit I'm in leicester, drop me a line sometime jen@get-holes.co.uk

Laura Gallop said...

Hiya Lepht,

I do hope you’re well and that you don’t mind me emailing you. I’m making a radio podcast for Audible.co.uk called VIPs or ‘very interesting people’. Each episode features three people whose story you don’t hear every day (but really should!) I just watched your BBC3 video on Transhumanism and am absolutely bloody fascinated.

Would you be interested in appearing? We will be recording at our studios in London in September. ALTHOUGH could I tempt you to come to Edinburgh to record a live episode this weekend…? All expenses paid + a fee of course! (and homemade banana bread if that's your thing too)

Very best wishes, and have a wonderful day!



p.s I hope you're not based in Berlin :-(

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