experiment failure

okay so the pirate box experiment gave its best shot but ultimately failed. things were fine from the installation in May 19 but at the end of December i whacked it on the door of a taxi, which hurt a lot but didn't worry me too much. however it got red and irritated looking and ultimately, i called the 111 service (free medical advice line) and they told me to go to hospital. hospital docs were pretty skeeved and clearly thought this was an utterly bizarre thing to have done, and immediately admitted me for removal. they insisted it be removed and at this point a hole had opened up over one corner of the device, through which a lot of nasty goo was issuing, so i went with their opinion and let them take it out.

so i spent New Year's in hospital, and now i have a second badass scar to show off. there's also a bit of nerve damage to my right hand which will hopefully heal up over time (it's pretty damn irritating, i have lost the grip strength in those fingers and it makes it very hard to type right).

so, cautionary tale. don't put enormous devices in your arms, folks.


Dan Campbell said...

"gave its best shot but ultimately failed."

That HAS to happen, sometimes, percentage-wise. Not everything is gonna work.

"clearly thought this was an utterly bizarre thing to have done"

Ha! I'd love to have seen the look on their faces. They can't even conceive of individuals trying to augment our biological inheritance.

"nasty goo"

Ok, I think I'll stop reading now.

Maybe not...

"there's also a bit of nerve damage to my right hand"

Ouch. Ok, that's definitely not good news, and there's no way to sugar-coat it.

"don't put enormous devices in your arms, folks."

Roger on that, Lepht.

Ok, I hope it heals up, thanks for the update.

Take care.

L & R,


Unknown said...


Long time lurker here. I hope nerve damage heals (I had some minor issues several times, mostly from putting magnets inside my fingers and it healed fine), I hope the scar is truly badass.

Better luck next time!

Anonymous said...

androgynous meatsack commenting again after a couple turns around our ball of nuclear fire.

Sucks to hear about the failure. I'm at least learning from it though.

As expensive as this might sound, it could be a good idea to impregnate your buddy's proprietary barrier material with atomic silver to act as an antimicrobial in case of damage. Side effects of turning the area slightly blue can't be too bad a trade off... You could make it on the cheap out of old second hand store sterling cutlery with a bit of youtube chemistry lessons.

Other notes: PCB can't be fun...if you ever get that subdermal MCU itch again ribbon cable and in-line parts would probably do you better for durability and flexibility. More soldering and fiddly bits but also probably something that would survive a few bumps in the night.

Side note: Apparently some bots crapped over your old blog posts comments. Well, unless you WANT ATM scam card stuff plastered there.

Be well.
-one of legion.

Anonymous said...

I hope you haven't been getting shit for this.

I've been following you since like the early 2000s, and it takes guts to do what you're doing.

This is our future (within the next 10 years) and you're at the absolute forefront of it.

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