lessons learned

what we learned from the pirate box experiment

- induction coils can work through skin to power a device

- the resin coating is bioproof

- it is possible to share wifi from inside yourself

- miniaturisation is very important

- the power pack is difficult to work with but functions well

- with some work this may be a great way to smuggle data

- its function as a source of cool data led various people to upload / download content

- chicks dig scars

i should also clarify that the docs are saying the damage to my ulnar nerve was NOT caused by the box or the surgery to remove it. they don't know what did cause it but i have been referred for a nerve conduction study to get an idea of what exactly's going on. will update as i get more information.


Dan Campbell said...

"with some work this may be a great way to smuggle data"

Thanks a heap, angel. Now they're gonna monitor us, even more than before.

"- chicks dig scars"

Phone numbers and pictures of these scar-friendly babes, please. Thank you.

Ok, thanks the update. Maybe you will end up being a case study in some neurological journal. So your name will show up in multiple History books.

Anonymous said...

I'm not up to date with the details of that PirateBox. Cool to see you're still very alive and experimenting. For miniaturisation I stumbled across
ATSAML21E15B lately. It includes a good bunch of analog circuitry suited to build a simple electrode driver with a minimum of external passive components (for safety, for those who are into it).
Can you share the details of the resin?

conradin said...

HOPE is coming up in NYC this year.
The community would love to have you.
I wonder, have you considered your body as a canvas may be becoming saturated? Have you heard of Bunnie haung, and his work on flexible circuits? there are potentials for all sorts of miniaturization in fabrication. 3d matrix circuit designs, omitting chip resin for sealing the entire device, and using flex circuit "boards" could all help immensely.

conradin said...

I mean the die for a ATSAML21E15B is about 1/3rd the chip, the rest is wires, epoxy and leads. Im not seeing a complete schematic for the pirate box, but Im sure it could be reduced dramaticaly if the circuit was built entirely around the dies rather than having chips on a traditional circuit board.

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