martian aliens they ate my Wijit

so you've all noticed the little Lijit widget over there in the top corner. some of you decided to play hooky with the widget, too. here's what you asked me for this week:

1. solpadol (8 times) look, you can't have my meds, OK? it's my Solpadol, and you'll have to beat me up to get it. why don't any of you want the Diproflex or the Zopiclone, anyway?
2. label (2 times) huh?
3. 1190311124113 (2 times) i'll explain this in a second.
4. anonym for arrogant (1 time) no, Anonym for President! i'm pretty much against arrogant.
5. 1190068085886 (1 time)
6. 1190068226397 (1 time)
7. atheist golden rule (1 time) you want this here rule.
8. -1 (1 time)
9. 1190480612750 (1 time)

okay, so what the fuck is with these number string searches? i got two hypotheses myself: 1: DoS / code injection attempt from a moron, and 2. attempt by aliens to find the last digit of pi by sending bits of the known sequence to me, an obvious expert in theoretical mathematics.

a tenner says it's aliens.


ed.: in addition to the Wijit, i finally got my ass on sitemeter. stats widget is at the bottom of the sidebar; scroll on down and satisfy your lust for statistics. - L


Grateful Web said...


The consensus at Lijit is we either pass or fail here. On this site. At this time.


Lepht said...

i'm the test case? awesome. imo the Wijit is useful to the same degree as, say a syndicated Google search, but less obtrusive and slightly better from the whole Web 2.0 perspective. thus, it stays, you pass, it's all gravy.

or am i misunderstanding that?


Grateful Web said...

But there's more!

Lijit lets folks know who your network of trusted sites are, and lets them broaden their search in these directions. Like panda’s thumb or which.co.uk, etc.


Lepht said...

yeah, i've implemented that as well now. idk how long it's been, it's probably spidered up by now.

i wish you guys were open-source, i really do... i'm gonna be demoing a Java web spider here sooner or later and i'd like something to compare it to. ach well. like i said, even if it is closed-source, it don't mean i won't use it or that i don't like it, and the Wijit stays.

it's all good.


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