earth to Google:

i'm short, i'm jug-eared, i'm bulldog-nosed. i've always got a hood covering my eyes. i've got far too many tattoos. i don't work out enough. i'm not good-looking in any sense of the word, and i don't give a fuck, because my worth doesn't come from what my body looks like.

now will you fucking stop telling me two mysterious crushes think i'm hot?


ed. to further the point, Google, would you call "hot" someone whose left eye is drooped shut half the time because of their meds? i think not. assholes.

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mbe said...

I'm new to lurking your blog, but also saw your talk at "Cybernetics for the Masses". I am also kind of mad that you revealed your gender/face, but I have to agree with Google on this one. There are certainly people out there who find your meatform attractive.

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