i'm not laughing

Ephesians 4:16, Inerrant Book of Magical Funtime Happy Joy:

He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.
(okay, the real name of that particular Bad Book is the New Living Translation.)

this on the shirt of a girl in the front row of my lectures, who has to sit there on account of her hearing aid.


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Christina said...

I'm sorry, as someone with a hearing aid, I find this post extremely offensive. Regardless of what one believes, your use of disability to undo an ideology is discriminatory.
You do not know how this girl came to have a hearing aid. She could have easily become hearing impaired in the same way I did--through repeated bacterial infections, a non-malignant ear tumor, and scarring left over from repeated surgeries. If such were the case, the body was constructed well at birth and mangled by Earthly inhabitants (including humans). Destruction of a body has nothing to do with religion (unless one destroys another "in the name of God--but such is off-topic here).
Also, take out the part about God, and you have a really strong message. An imperfect body does not keep people from living full lives. The fact that this girl can go to a university and be mainstreamed is a wonder. Her mind and her (presumably) otherwise healthy parts allow her to compensate for what she has lost (in other words, "helping the other parts grow.") One bad part does not destroy a good whole. She can grow, be full of love, and be healthy, in her own way.
Healthy is also a very nuanced term. Its definition also includes "sound and vigorous mentality" and "prosperous" (source: Dictionary.com--OED charges now). If "healthy" for her means a stabilized loss, rather than ear problems that threaten her hearing and life, then she is healthy. The fact that she can be mainstreamed is an obvious sign that she is healthy because she is of "sound mind and vigorous mentality."
One's mentality is left in question, however, when an argument against a belief system is based upon prejudice. Arguments build upon the actions of another have strong foundations--Christian fundamentalists in the midwestern United States are a perfect example. Disability, however, is not an action one takes in the name of their religion. Nobody chooses to have such a loss. The fact that you use a disability to undermine a biblical passage (and one that promotes a positive message with or without God) shows both a lack of logic and empathy.

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